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  • CEMENT Industry – Process Overview with Products Training
    New Product Launch Webinar - MWIR-Borescope-640 Thermal Imaging Solution

    1 hr

    For AMETEK Land Internal Staff and Sales Partners
    Presenter: Manfred Hayk, Global Infrared Product Manager
    In this webinar, we introduce our new MWIR-Borescope-640 (MWIR-B-640) thermal imaging solution with advance spectral filtering and a high thermal and spatial resolution to deliver clear live images of furnace, boiler and stock. We will discuss this solution’s full technical specification, explain how it fits into our existing thermal imaging solutions family, highlight its main applications (what it can be used for and where) and benefits, and finally show how to set-up and perform a trial. 


Topics and dates will be confirmed approximately 2 weeks in advance so please do check this page regularly for all the latest information. There are no upcoming webinars currently listed. Please check again soon.