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Temperature Screening E-Book Launched by AMETEK Land to Guide Facilities Back to Business Safely

Monday, January 25, 2021

The temperature experts at AMETEK Land have launched a new e-book that outlines the facts and technologies behind effective temperature screening, including best practices and information directly sourced from scientists and physicists. 

VIRALERT Temperature Screening E-Book
Since the world must live with COVID-19 for the foreseeable future, it is important that facilities managers and business owners understand how to keep their premises, staff, and visitors safe from infection. 

This can be done using a temperature measurement system to scan every person entering a building and alerting the staff if an elevated temperature is detected. 

VIRALERT 3 is a body temperature screening system that adds an extra level of reassurance. Unlike handheld thermometers, which compromise social distancing, VIRALERT 3 automatically scans from a safe distance that complies with safety guidelines. Visual and audible alerts provide warnings of an elevated temperature. The system is compact, easy to install and use. 

The VIRALERT 3 is the latest product from AMETEK Land, an expert in high accuracy, non-contact temperature measurement systems, with more than 70 years’ experience in developing innovative solutions. In 2003, LAND developed the Human Body Temperature Measurement System (HBTMS) as a response to the SARS epidemic. This was followed by the original VIRALERT system in 2009, which has been refreshed and refined through development over a decade to create the VIRALERT 3 in 2020.

This exceptional level of expertise and experience is clear in the new e-book on temperature screening. With factual information from scientists, physicists, and engineers, plus useful videos and real-life case studies showing where VIRALERT 3 is being used, the e-book is essential reading for any business owner or facilities manager looking to improve safety protocols in their premises.  

Christopher Leonard, Global Lead – VIRALERT, said: “Since the start of the pandemic, we have developed a wealth of resources to support best practices in temperature screening as well as educate users about its benefits and, as importantly, its limitations. This e-book provides everything you need to know about temperature screening and the VIRALERT 3 system in an easy, accessible guide.”

The e-book is free to download without sign-up.  Click here for more information