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Leading Healthcare Provider Increases Safety Measures at its Headquarters with New Temperature Measurement System

Monday, August 23, 2021

Leading Sheffield-based health and wellbeing provider, Westfield Health, is helping to protect its employees from the spread of COVID-19 and other infections with the latest technology in temperature measurement. 

Westfield HealthWestfield Health delivers evidence-based health and wellbeing solutions to workplaces across the UK and Europe. Currently, there is a reduced workforce on-site; however, they plan to increase the workspace available at Westfield House in line with current guidelines. To ensure a safe return  for those working in the office building, and following a product demonstration, Westfield has installed VIRALERT 3, a non-contact body temperature screening system.

As one of the main symptoms of COVID-19, identifying someone with a potential elevated temperature is one of the most effective ways of reducing the spread of infection. 

VIRALERT 3 operates remotely, and quickly scans for elevated temperatures. It is designed to screen visitors without slowing the flow of people, scanning temperatures without any person-to-person contact, keeping all parties safe from disease transmission.  

Peter O’Neil, Customer Support Manager at Westfield Health, said: “We are gradually returning to business as usual, and as our employees return to the office, we want to ensure that we keep people as safe as possible, and reduce the spread of infection. The system is used alongside other measures including social distancing, hand sanitiser stations, enhanced cleaning regimes, and contact tracing.”

Westfield HealthVIRALERT 3 builds on AMETEK Land’s proven expertise in temperature technology. The company has been developing high-accuracy infrared measurement instruments since 1947, and has been creating human body temperature screening systems since responding to the SARS outbreak of 2003.

Christopher Leonard, Global Lead – VIRALERT, said: “As many workplaces are welcoming back employees and visitors, measuring temperatures as people entering a building is a really effective way of preventing infection from spreading. VIRALERT 3 is easy to set up, and provides very quick results so people can get on with their work without long delays.” 

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