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Wayne Taylor Racing is on Track to Keep Safe From Infection With AMETEK Land’s VIRALERT 3

Friday, October 2, 2020

Championship-winning Wayne Taylor Racing (WTR) has installed AMETEK Land’s VIRALERT 3 system to accurately and reliably detect signs of elevated temperatures in people at the team’s racing facility in Indianapolis, IN.

World-leading temperature monitoring expert, AMETEK Land, has joined the sports car circuit in the U.S. with the installation of its VIRALERT 3 skin temperature measurement system in the race shop (factory) and trackside at events. 

Following the introduction of a new protocol during the COVID-19 pandemic, drivers, crew, engineers and visitors entering the workspace either at the track or in the race shop are screened for an elevated temperature. 

The initial installation of the system at the Indianapolis race shop proved successful. It was also popular with team members and visitors, who appreciated the added level of security. 

Following this success, WTR worked with AMETEK Land to enhance the system to work in the track-side awning on race days.  

AMETEK Land has extensive experience – and world-leading testing facilities – assessing performance at extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, and was therefore able to provide a successful solution for WTR.  

The adapted system was put to the test at the Michelin Raceway Road in Atlanta, GA, where temperatures were extremely hot. Despite the challenging conditions, the adapted VIRALERT 3 system proved reliable, accurate, and effective.

Travis Houge, General Manager at WTR said: “At Wayne Taylor Racing, we have had the VIRALERT 3 in place since the beginning of the pandemic. It has been a great asset to have our guys be able to instantly log their temperatures every morning as well as throughout the day. As a manager, knowing that the VIRALERT 3 has created a log that we can refer to daily has helped keep the safety of our employees and guests paramount through this time.”

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