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New Software Enhances Temperature Measurement Detection During Seasonal Variations

Monday, November 23, 2020

AMETEK Land has upgraded the software for its human temperature measurement system to ensure more accurate results in seasonally variable temperatures.

New Software Enhances Temperature Measurement Detection During Seasonal VariationsTemperature measurement systems can be affected by seasonal variations, as skin temperature may be lower, leading to false negative readings. AMETEK Land has developed its industry-leading VIRALERT 3 system to incorporate a new algorithm that allows for seasonal variations in ambient and skin surface temperatures, maintaining accuracy in all weather. 

With winter and colder weather fast approaching for northern hemisphere countries, skin temperature variations by nature may be exhibited in individuals. To better account for these variations and prevent false negatives during the winter months, AMETEK Land has added a seasonal trending function to its non-contact skin temperature system, which highlights temperatures that are out of trend, but still below the alarm threshold. 

VIRALERT 3 can be installed just inside building entrances, scanning people to reduce the risk of anyone entering with an elevated temperature. As these scans  happen shortly after people enter straight from outside, individuals could be very cold (or warm), reflecting the outside temperature.

All non-contact temperature measurement systems use, with varying reliability, an algorithm to estimate core body temperature from a surface or skin temperature measurement. VIRALERT 3’s new software upgrade offers the option to address this issue automatically.

The system can be set to use a rolling mean average of the last 10 readings taken during the same four hour period on previous days. This allows for ambient variations, for instance, between morning and afternoon measurements, to be taken into consideration.

The system has two levels of alert: the standard elevated temperature alert for those above the specified threshold (typically 38 °C / 100.4 °F) and a seasonal trend alarm to alert when the system measures a temperature above the nominal recent averages.

Christopher Leonard, Global Lead – VIRALERT said, “The new software in VIRALERT enhances the effectiveness of the temperature screening, accounting for the seasonal variations in ambient andskin surface temperature that are likely to be experienced by a majority of users.”

Other new features include enhanced automation and email notification functions, where time-stamped images of individuals with an elevated temperature are sent directly to an inbox, and an improved mask detection interface.

VIRALERT 3 also includes an upgraded customization feature where the on-screen messages can be changed to suit, including fonts and font size, and screen resolution. This allows the user to make sure the display is clear and readable, whatever their individual circumstances, such as positioning and lighting conditions.

Developed over 18 years by AMETEK Land experts, the VIRALERT 3 is the first of its kind, providing a camera, thermal imager, and a temperature-controlled reference source on a single platform. 

Designed to screen visitors without slowing the flow of people, the VIRALERT 3 scans a person without the requirement for contact as it operates remotely. This allows for complete social distancing while measuring for an elevated temperature, unlike handheld thermometers.