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Mosborough Health Centre Increases Safety Measures for Patients and Visitors in Response to the Global Pandemic

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Patients and staff at Mosborough Health Centre are benefiting from an extra level of virus protection, thanks to the installation of AMETEK Land’s VIRALERT 3, a new temperature measurement system.

An elevated temperature is one of the main symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. By screening temperatures of everyone entering the facility using the device, the risk of those infected entering the facility and passing on the virus is reduced significantly.

Developed over 18 years by AMETEK Land experts, the VIRALERT 3 is the first of its kind, providing a camera, thermal imager, and a temperature-controlled reference source on a single platform. Using automatic face detection, the system ensures a valid reading, and provides a measurement that’s accurate to within 0.5°C/ 0.9°F. It then calculates core body temperatures through a rapid test procedure that lasts less than two seconds.  

An example of Temperature screening using VIRALERT 3Designed to screen visitors without slowing the flow of people, the VIRALERT 3 scans a person without the requirement for contact as it operates remotely, and provides audible and visual alarms when high temperatures are identified. This allows for complete social distancing while measuring for an elevated temperature, unlike handheld thermometers. 

The health centre already has strict procedures in place, including sanitiser stations, spaced seating, additional screens and a buzzer entry. If a person shows an elevated temperature, they will be moved to an isolated area and tested again. The person will be asked to undergo further health checks in the dedicated COVID clinic if they still display a high temperature to ensure the safety of other people.

Mosborough General Practitioner, Tom Holdsworth, said: “This system has provided us with an added level of security. We already operate strict procedures but by adding temperature screening on entry,  we hope it will provide our patients with that extra confidence. It really has been easy to use and our reception team is using it daily without any problems!”

Chris Leonard, Global VIRALERT Lead, said: “The VIRALERT 3 system is perfect for this kind of installation, where there is a regular flow of people through the health centre. It certainly helps in reducing the risk by preventing individuals that show signs of infection from entering the facility, protecting both patients and staff.”

The VIRALERT 3 builds on AMETEK Land’s proven expertise in temperature technology. The company has been developing high-accuracy infrared measurement instruments since 1947 and has been creating human body temperature screening systems since responding to the SARS outbreak of 2002.