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VIRALERT Education
VIRALERT Education
Maintaining social distancing and face-covering protocols can be difficult in public buildings and educational facilities, where large numbers of visitors may be expected. In addition, younger pupils in particular may not be able to observe precautions effectively over a long period of time.

Public buildings and educational facilities see large assemblies of people, often brought together from a wide range of different places. This poses a significant risk of cross-infection from even a single virus carrier, so precautionary measures at the point of entry are essential.

VIRALERT EducationPublic buildings include places of worship, government and municipal buildings, town halls, police stations, and courthouses. Often, visitors will have no choice but to attend these sites in person.

Educational facilities include preschools, child care centres, schools, colleges, and universities. In addition to a range of staff members, they also host large numbers of students of varying ages and abilities to comply with precautions. 

Thermal screening is the first line of protection for these locations, delivering an extra level of risk reduction at entry points. It detects visitors with elevated body temperatures which may be a symptom of infection. This helps lower the chance that infection will enter the site and spread among those present. In public buildings especially, it can be difficult to track those infected once they have left, leading to the possibility of greater infection in the wider community, so extra safeguards are vital.

Download our VIRALERT Education BrochureThe VIRALERT 3 is AMETEK Land’s real-time visual and thermal scanning solution that’s safe, accurate, and easy to use. 



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