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Retail and Entertainment

Frontline protection for retail and entertainment sites
Consumer confidence is key to bringing customers back to a business. Thermal screening supports core precautionary measures and provides a rapid, compact system that visibly demonstrates that safety is a priority.

Lockdowns and restrictions of movement are extremely damaging to commercial enterprises. Finding suitable measures to mitigate the spread of viruses among workers, customers, suppliers, and other visitors, will help increase the resilience of the business and maximise its ability to remain open.

Retail and EntertainmentCommercial premises have a wide range of uses, and may include individual stores, shopping malls, banks, pharmacies, restaurants, and salons.

With customers coming from a variety of places, it can be difficult to ensure that their face coverings and hand hygiene is optimally effective in all cases. Thermal screening at the point of entry adds an extra precautionary measure that helps filter out people with elevated body temperatures. As your first line of protection, it is also a visible demonstration that customer and staff safety is taken seriously by the business owner.

An accurate, real-time system screening will prevent the build-up of long queues waiting to enter the site. In addition, the system should be compact, as commercial premises often have limited space, particularly when social distancing is taken into account. 
Download our VIRALERT Retail and Entertainment BrochureThe VIRALERT 3 is AMETEK Land’s real-time visual and thermal scanning solution that’s safe, accurate, and easy to use. 



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