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Offices and Manufacturing

VIRALERT Offices and Manufacturing
Frontline protection for your office or manufacturing site
A single infection at an office or manufacturing site can lead to the entire location having to be closed, leading to loss of work or production. Thermal screening helps to protect staff and visitors, and adds to their confidence in attending the site.

Offices and manufacturing sites typically involve personnel working together for long periods of time. Often, it is difficult to ensure shared items and surfaces are kept free from contamination at all times.

Offices and ManufacturingIt is, therefore, essential to minimise the risk of infection entering the workplace. Thermal screening at entry is a useful complement to the typical precautionary measures such as hand hygiene, social distancing, and face coverings.

Work environments differ greatly depending on the purpose of the facility; precautions that may be effective in an office may be less successful in a factory or warehouse. In addition, an extra layer of protection may be necessary in high-hygiene areas such as food and beverage processing sites, or places where social distancing while working may be difficult.

Thermal screening as your first line of protection improves the confidence of staff in using the site, and reduces the risk that one-off visitors – who may not observe the standard precautions to the same level as staff – will bring infection into the site.
Download our VIRALERT Offices and Manufacturing BrochureThe VIRALERT 3 is AMETEK Land’s real-time visual and thermal scanning solution that’s safe, accurate, and easy to use. 



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