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To operate safely in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must ensure that they minimise the risk of admitting infected people to their site.

In addition to the core precautions of social distancing, hand hygiene, and face coverings, many authorities also recommend body temperature screening as a frontline protection for anyone entering a facility. This detects elevated temperatures, which could be a symptom of infection. 

The accuracy of this screening system is critical, as it reduces the number of false positives – which cause delays and frustrate customers – and false negatives – which could allow infected people into the area.

Safe measurement is a critical priority for any gatekeeper system, to ensure the risk of spreading the infection is kept low.

Complex screening systems, or those that require social distancing to be compromised, can reduce both the safety and accuracy of thermal screening.

As established experts in world-leading temperature measurement solutions, AMETEK Land has developed the VIRALERT 3 over the course of more than a decade. This combination of experience and knowledge has delivered a real-time monitoring solution that’s both accurate and easy to use, delivering the first line of protection against COVID-19.
  • Frontline protection for educational facilities and other public buildings

    Maintaining social distancing and face-covering protocols can be difficult in public buildings and educational facilities, where large numbers of visitors may be expected.

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  • Frontline protection for healthcare locations

    Many people visiting, or resident in, healthcare facilities will be vulnerable to infection. It is essential to take every precaution to safeguard against the spread of coronavirus to these sites.

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  • Frontline protection for your office or manufacturing site
    Offices and Manufacturing

    A single infection at an office or manufacturing site can lead to the entire location having to be closed, leading to loss of work or production.

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  • Frontline protection for retail and entertainment sites
    Retail and Entertainment

    Consumer confidence is key to bringing customers back to a business. Thermal screening supports core precautionary measures and provides a rapid system that visibly demonstrates that safety is a priority.

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  • Frontline protection for sport and leisure facilities
    Sport and Leisure

    Sport and leisure facilities are vital outlets for many people pursuing lifestyle activities. However, without adequate precautions, the risk of viral infection increases, especially where shared equipment is used.

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  • Frontline protection for transportation hubs

    Transportation hubs, by their nature, bring together people from a wide area – sometimes globally. This makes it essential to minimise the risk of infection which could go on to be even more widely spread.

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