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Global Installations

VIRALERT World Sales Heat Map
With thousands of installations worldwide, VIRALERT is a global success in a variety of applications.

VIRALERT EducationInstallations include:

  • Medical – Hospitals, Medical Practices
  • Education – Universities, Colleges, Schools, Training Providers
  • Manufacturing
  • Office and Administration
  • Hospitality – Hotels, Restaurants
  • Sports – Stadiums, Clubs, Gyms
  • VIRALERT in the healthcare sectorHealth – Care homes, Retirement Villages
Please read our latest CASE STUDIES to see how VIRALERT has helped industries get back to work and stay open without compromising safety.

To see if VIRALERT is suitable for your application, then visit INDUSTRIES and see how different businesses can use the system to minimse the risk of admitting infected people to their sites. 

If you would like to know more about specific applications and regional installations, then please CONTACT US.